From synthetic ice to equipment dryers, we are dedicated to bringing new and exciting thermoplastic products to the sports industry. 


Ice skating is no longer dependent on location or seasonal conditions. People can now enjoy skating almost anywhere at any time of the year. Setup and maintenance costs of traditional ice skating rinks are very high, especially on short-term or temporary installations. Synthetic skating rink floor liners are easier to install, service, and are reusable. They eliminate energy consumption, have a long life span, and are recyclable; making our rink liners an environmentally friendly and economic alternative to traditional rinks. 

Activ-ICE has been developed from the ground up for skating rinks. It is a polyethylene material designed with optimal and durable sliding properties. A unique pressing process of raw materials grants this product self-lubricating properties. This polyethylene material eliminates the need to add external lubricants. In addition, skating rinks lined with Activ-ICE can be used 365 days a year, independent of weather or temperature conditions.


Activ-DRY Sport Locker

The Activ-DRY Sport Locker is a patent pending innovative system designed and engineered to efficiently sanitize and dry perspiration and moisture from sporting gear. The Activ-DRY Sport Locker system injects SportSense™, a long lasting micro-coating that bonds to hard and soft surfaces for weeks, depending on the surface wear, and is continuously protected by a patented persistent Odor Control Technology.

Once the sporting equipment has been loaded on the nozzles in the locker, an ultrasonic transducer, vibrates the SportSensesolution causing the liquid to vaporize. The blower pushes the vapor through the nozzles sanitizing the equipment while the heated air dries the equipment.


Download the Activ-ICE and Activ-DRY Sport Locker Flyer!


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